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Please take a look at the help videos I made for the 4 main stages you complete studying a song in a language you want to learn.

Stage 1:  Sync

Synchronize the lyrics to the music video.   After searching YouTube and finding a copy of the lyrics through Google the first step is to save the timings of each lyric line sung by the artist into the system.


Stage 2:  Studio

Make three translations; word by word, aligned and free.   This incremental and iterative process of discovery uses the Part of Speech detection, Dictionary, Verb Tables, Parallel Texts and Machine Translation systems built into the Cloudlingo system to help you explore and then annotate the lyrics.  

This learning experience helps you remember as you explore the language at your own pace.


Studio Updates:

I've made quite a few improvements to the Studio system.  I've made an interim video with some changes, please what the main Studio video above, then this updates video which shows some changes.


Stage 3:  Script

Create your own Lingo Script Video with icons you pick, with the original music in the background.  Most music videos are not "literal"; that is they don't "act out" what is being said in the lyrics.  Creating a Icon Video is a fun thing to do, but also is another iteration of learning the meaning of the words, and the finished product can be watched over and over again - the Icons giving you a clue as to what the words mean.


Stage 4:  Summary

Summarize your findings and help the community.   You score the song on a few scales; how hard it was to understand, the speed of the singing, and how easy or hard it was to create the Lingo Script Video.

You can the reflect on the song you have just studied and note interesting language features, and provide links for others to find the artist, their music, and any other resources on the internet you've discovered in your study.


Currently the system is focused on Spanish.  You have a smaller set of tools for other languages.  Please do Join, as showing your support in this way means I can continue to build the site.

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