Learn the Spanish language through Spanish Music

Welcome to Cloudlingo. Learn Spanish by listening, exploring and understanding the music from the vast array of amazing Spanish language artists from all over the world.

Music is a fantastic way to learn a new language:

  • The repetition is the key - you'll happily listen to great music over and over again just for the pleasure of it; except now you will be effortlessly learning a new language.
  • It is one of the way kids learn, through nursery rhyme - now adapted for adults.
  • Learn vocabulary, verb tenses and grammar.
  • My unique detailed music lyrics translation and annotation display shows direct translations of words, grammar and parts of speech.
  • If you hit a problem or question you can ask for assistance in the forum
  • You'll be amazed how quickly and easily your language skills improve - you'll find yourself hearing and mentally singing along to your songs in your head: While driving, while in the bath - even when sleeping!

Non-commercial Project

Hi my name is Karl and this is my site. Originally from London, the family and I moved to Spain in 2006 and more recently to Andorra (high up in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France). I love the Spanish and French music I hear all around me (and on the radio), and love programming - so this is a fun project I've decided to do.

Due to the high cost of the music industry licencing fees only 30% of each track is publicly viewable as this is a non-commercial (loss-making) project at this time.

Once I have sufficient subscribers, to cover these costs, and can go commercial; the full lyrics will be displayed.

In order to study all the Lyrics of any song today: Join the site and login, then find the lyrics online then and paste them into the Cloudlingo Studio which will be available in your Account Area and then study them there.

I want to turn Cloudlingo into a place where people can learn many new languages via the medium of music, in addition to the current Spanish; English, French, German language and other language learning systems are planned. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to keep updated if you interested in these languages, and do let me know via direct messaging so I can gauge relative demand.

Sign up

Right now there is no charge for anything! Create an account and annotate and study the the FULL lyrics of any song you want.

  • Allows you annotate and discover the language used by the Artist in the Cloudlingo Studio.
  • Choose your favourite music genre and select music of that style.

Account Benefits

  • Use the system to analyse, learn & understand in detail a whole track that is stored in your private collection. You can add several tracks a month.
  • Lingo Vocab records what vocabulary you have learnt, on what track and what part of speech you have covered
  • Use the Lingo Dictionary to lookup words in an instant - no fumbling around with hardcopy dictionaries.
  • Lingo Verbs records where you encounter verbs in the different forms and you can search all song lyrics to find and practise ones you find hard to remember.
  • Use a study plan and record your progress.
  • Learn the lyrics of your songs by using the Lingo Tester which blanks out words and you have to fill in the blanks.
  • Once you've learnt the words: Improve your pronounication by singing the songs; in the car or in the shower if you like. You will feel your face muscles getting pounded initially as your mouth is not used to making Spanish sounds, but over time your muscle-memory & the nervous parthways in the brain, will be accustomed to them and you'll have a greatly improved accent.
  • See how phrases used in your Songs are also used in other texts translated by humans to see how you can use them in everyday speech and writing.
  • The system detects common Spanish grammar structures like idioms and constructions in the Songs you select to study giving you examples and context for remembering them.
  • My system analyses your current vocabularly and intelligently suggests "next steps" using vocab, tenses and grammar constructions to make your learning-curve easier or harder as you choose.