Learn a new language through music

Welcome to Cloudlingo. Learn any language by listening, exploring and understanding the music from that country or regions that speak it.

Cloudlingo is a set of tools and utilities that lets you study any song and discover what it's translation is, and what the lyrics actually mean.

Music is a fantastic way to learn a new language:

  • The repetition is the key - you'll happily listen to great music over and over again just for the pleasure of it; except now you will be effortlessly learning a new language.
  • It is one of the way kids learn, through nursery rhyme - now adapted for adults.
  • My unique music lyrics translation and annotation display shows direct translations of words and phrases, and for a growing number of languages in the system: grammar and parts of speech.
  • You can create a Cloudlingo Script music video which will help you learn the meanings of words without taxing your grey matter too much
  • You'll be amazed how quickly and easily your language skills improve - you'll find yourself hearing and mentally singing along to your songs in your head: While driving, while in the bath - even when sleeping!

To see songs that Cloudlingo members have learnt and have published their analysis & translations click the I want to learn... drop down at the top of this page, or have a look at the Spanish songs (that have the most tools support on the site).

Example of a Cloudlingo Script video that you can create on this site. See More

To see the Original or Translation text hit the Captions button in the player.

Quick Tutorial

I've made some Tutorial videos so you you can see inside the account to understand how it works. Let's go

Non-commercial Project

Hi my name is Karl and this is my site. Originally from London, the family and I moved to Spain in 2006 and more recently to Andorra (high up in the Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France). I love the Spanish and French music I hear all around me (and on the radio), and love programming - so this is a fun project I've decided to do.

Due to the high cost of the music industry licencing fees you will need to source the song lyrics yourself from the internet, as this is a non-commercial (loss-making) project at this time.

Once I have sufficient subscribers, to cover these costs, and can go commercial; the lyrics can be provided automatically.

In order to study all the Lyrics of any song today: Join the site and login, then find the lyrics online then and paste them into the Cloudlingo Studio which will be available in your Account Area and then study them there.

I'm just getting started with Cloudlingo. I've got lots of ideas about smart ways to learn a new language that are in development. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to keep updated. If you want to support me directly please sign up as one of my Patreons: I will happily get your favourite song translated or add features to this website if you think they would be useful.

As you can see from the site design I'm more of a back-end coder than a front-end guy. If you are a web developer or UX specialist I open to suggestions for improvements, please connect with me on the social media links I mentioned.

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