Terms of Service

To make it clear from the outset: There is no cost to use cloudlingo.com and you don't have to enter any credit card details.

These are the Terms and Conditions which govern each use you make of the optional donation payment services provided through the Cloudlingo Website.

If you confirm on the Website that you wish to make a donation you will then agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for that donation.

(1) Any donations

I will use your donation at my discretion but within my stated development objectives.

By confirming that you wish to proceed with a monthly donation you authorize my payment service provider Stripe to request funds from your credit or debit card on the day of each month that is set.

All payments through the Website are to be made by payment card.

Once you confirm to me through the Website that you wish to proceed with your donation your transaction will be processed through my payment services provider, Stripe. By confirming that you wish to proceed with your donation you authorize Stripe to request funds from your credit, debit, or other provider.

(2) Information from you

Before I can process a donation you must create an account which provides me with your name and email address and other information.

When you submit your payment details, these details will be transferred to my payment provider, Stripe, and your payment data will be collected and processed securely by them. You should make sure that you are aware of Stripe’s terms and conditions, which are different from my own, to ensure that you are comfortable with how they will process your personal data before you make a donation.

I won’t share your personal details with any other third party other than is set out in my Privacy Policy. My Privacy Policy forms part of these Terms of Service and by agreeing to these you are also agreeing to the way I use and protect your personal information in line with my Privacy Policy.

(3) Refund policy

If you make an error in your donation or forget to cancel in time please contact me either by email at or by post at Karl O'Meara, 1 Oak Hill Grove, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6DS, UK within 14 days and a full refund of the last payment will be made to you. After this period I may have committed your donation to development costs (e.g. a designer or translation subscription) and therefore will be unable to make a refund.

(4) Cancellation

You can cancel at any time.

To cancel your regular donation please cancel the subscription via the link in the My Billing section of your account, or use the links sent to you by email.

(5) General

I reserve the right to amend these Donation Payment Terms and Conditions at any time.

These Donation Payment System Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Cloudlingo.com is Trading Name my company OMEARA SL - Karl O'Meara