La Ciudad ardio Alejandra Guzmán Translation Meaning and Lyrics


Guzmán is a big girl and she's having a fun night out with a guy.  Song has some nice refrains.

Guzmán is the main character and she's hanging out in Madrid.  Along comes a dude and invites her to come with him.  They go out for a romantic dinner.  While she's gone to the bathroom he disappears.  

There is then a section that I'm not so clear about:  It maybe voiced as from the dude - if she wants to see him again she should dress like a whore and meet him at midnight.

Guzmán is very young in this performance for a live studio audience.

She's wearing some funky clothes and has come equally funky dance-moves. She is confidently strutting her stuff on stage, and vocally giving it some.

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La otra noche vigilaba la luna

The other night I was watching the moon

En la puerta de alcala

At the Alcala gate

Cuando un coche de color

When a colored car

Aceituna vino hacia mi

Olive came to me

Y antes de que frenara

And before it stopped

Ya estaban los stones

The stones were there.

Disparando rock, mmm

Disparando rock, mmm

Hey pequeña que has tan sola di

Hey little girl you're so alone he said

Sin nadie que te proteja

With no one to protect you

Si me dejas puedo ser para tí

If you let me I can be for you

Como el sombrero es para la cabeza

As the hat is for the head

Nunca dije si, pero le seguí

I never said yes, but I followed him.

Y la ciudad ardio, y la ciudad ardio

And the city is burning, and the city is burning

Con sentarme a su vela

With sitting by his candle

Y la ciudad ardio lo mismo que ardi yo

And the city burned as I burned

Como alcohol en las venas

Like alcohol in the veins

Luz de velas, vino, musica griega

Candle light, wine, Greek music

Y me quede sin cordura

And I ran out of prudence

Caradura que despues de la cena

Cheeky that after dinner

Me roba a medias la cartera y la vida

He half-steals my wallet and life

Yo fui al tocador, y el desaparecio

I went to the powder room, and he disappeared.

Si quieres más dinero

If you want more money

Vistete de cuero negro

Dress in black leather

Y buscame a media noche

And look for me at midnight

Te espero de seda oscura

I wait for you dark silk

Y labios al rojo vivo

And red-hot lips

Ven y robame lo que me queda

Come and steal what's left