Pongamos Que Hablo de Madrid Joaquin Sabina Translation Meaning and Lyrics


Joaquin is telling us about a very dark side of Madrid.  He paints a very sorry picture, as Sabina has a tendency to be quite morose in his works.


There is a description of where Madrid is - yes right in the middle of the country; no sea, very hot sun, crossroads of the nation.  Its full of ruffians, children who have lost their innocence young, drugs and drink, maybe somewhere to lose yourself as it's packed full of people.

One would think that Madrid is complete hell hole after listening to this - not one of Europe pre-eminent cities; full of culture, history, art, music, business, communications, conversation etc.


Anyway he's on a real downer here.  Yes, lots of big cities have the problems described - and maybe if you feeling a little down this might be song for you today.  But please the weather in Madrid is fantastic, and life is good.  Enjoy!

Whilst the song is suicidal the lyrics are represented reasonably in this video.  Whilst you don't see syringes etc, and sometimes the imagery is wrong - see a train for an ambulance for example. I recommend looking at the video as you can learn a few words of vocab with it as well as they Lingo Script Video.

YouTube Video and Cloud Lingo Script Video

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Yonder where the roads meet

Where there is no hint of sea

Where criminals always come back to

Let's say I'm talking about Madrid

Where the desire to travel in lifts

is an escape for me

That I let myself go in the street corners

Let's say that I am talking of Madrid

Girls don't want to be princesses anymore

A to the kids they give to chase

The sea inside a glass of gin

Let's say that I am talking of Madrid

The birds visit psychiatrists

The stars forget to come out

The dead travel in white ambulances

Let's say that I am talking of Madrid

The Sun is a butane stove

Life is a tube about to leave

There is a syringe in the bathroom

Let's say that I am talking of Madrid

When death visits me

When I'm taken south where I was born

Here there is no room for anyone

Let's say that I am talking of Madrid

of Madrid

of Madrid

of Madrid