Para ti seria Nek & El Sueño de Morfeo Translation Meaning and Lyrics


Seems this couple still have feelings for each other.  But there's a lot of baggage.  They are ignoring each other, telling each other they don't mean much to each other anymore, talking about other partners and moving on - yet seem to be asking if there is still love to be had.

The song to me has a lot of emotion; describes how you feel when you have loved someone powerfully, still retain strong feelings, yet treat each other badly.

It is a live performance for Spanish TV by Nek, Raquel del Rosario Macías and the rest of the Morpheus' dream band.

I love the way they lead singers perform this song.  Nek (who is Italian, but clearly speaks Spanish) has a fantastic pronunciation of his lines; really rolling the 'R's, and singing with a passion.

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I ask nothing of you

With your emotionless greeting, that's enough for me

You don't hurt me anymore

Your things don't bother me

Your not worth any more than a waning moon

Remember that... you used to say that...

I would be your pulse, strong and hard

Same again another day...

why must we be so indifferent

Between every expectation between you and I

I was never confused

Other new embraces with those of yours

You joke and you laugh

You sit there and exclude me.

I feel smiles that I know...

smiles that caress

when we were earth and stars

Now...if you want me, I want you

For you I would be your pulse intense and big

You keep on yourself the other day

We must continue so apart

Between each wait between you and I

I was never confused

Your thoughts jar me

I going to meet you, is the most important

For you I would be your pulse intense and big

Stay another day

We're not so distant anymore.

What there was between us

It didn't confuse me ever

Your thoughts graze me

Until the past surrenders to the present