Uses of the Spanish Word pendiente

Find examples of text sentences where pendiente is used as a adjective.


Examples where the Spanish word pendiente is used in the sense of pending

  • Tenemos tú y yo algo pendiente

    ... which translates to...

    You and I have something pending

    can be found in the lyrics of Gasolina by Daddy Yankee

  • Tenemos cosas pendiente por repasar

    ... which translates to...

    We have pending things to do

    can be found in the lyrics of PROVENZA by KAROL G

  • Que hay que aclarar par de cosas pendiente'

    ... which translates to...

    There are a couple of things pendings we need to clarify

    can be found in the lyrics of Qué Más Pues? by J Balvin, Maria Becerra