How to pick good icons to describe the song lyrics

Basic Idea

In the Lingo Script stage you create your own music video for the song you learning.

This is using icons from the library to represent the words of the song.

This helps reinforce the meaning the words, without having to read subtitles which is hard to do, as you lose focus on the song.

Most often the lyrics can easily be represented:  For example in Amaral's El universo sobre mi she has the line:

"se quiere consumir", which translates as "And you want to eat [the cake]"


- I often use the same character, in this case the "man image", as Amaral is talking to her lover throughout

- The emoji is a good way to show "hungry desire", and the of course the cake.

But it get's harder...

What about this line?  "Nada como que hace mucho tiempo"  ... "Nothing like a long time ago"

- I used the mathematical symbol  "not equal" to represent "nothing like" and the calendar to show previous time.

It's not perfect, but might give you an idea what the expression is about.

And then well-nigh impossible...

Feelings and emotions are the hardest to represent:  "Quiero vivir" ... "I want to live" 


- The juggler was the best I could come up with.  Maybe you can be more creative?

- To "need" is another hard one I've found.   In this case I reworded it as "what you missing".  However I'm not sure this is such a good idea.   It was on Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato's number.  Feedback requested!

Tips and Tricks

To describe "Todas las casitas de muñecas" ... "All the dollhouses"   just used more than one dolls house.

I used a girl image to represent Amaral and put her in a crowd "Que estoy sola en medio de un montón de gente" ... "That I'm alone surrounded by a crowd"

The "ampersand" symbol is useful for the word "And"

The "equals" sign is useful to describe when something is like something else.  Here "Like a child" in Lucero's version of Por Que Te Vas?

The infinity sign useful for conveying "everything".

Clocks and arrows to represent an earlier time or future (with the arrows the other way)

And finally this guy:

You can find him by searching in the Lingo Script Editor for "refuse"  and is good for phrases like "I don't want", "Please don't".

What to do next?

Go ahead and get creative.  You will be learning the meanings of words and improving your vocabulary without even realising it!