Uses of the Spanish Word reguetón

Find examples of text sentences where reguetón is used as a noun.

{{alternative form of|es|reggaeton}}

Examples where the Spanish word reguetón is used in the sense of {{alternative form of|es|reggaeton}}

  • Pero este reguetón se te mete por los intestinos

    ... which translates to...

    But this reggaeton gets into you through the intestines

    can be found in the lyrics of Atrevete te te by Calle 13

  • Una de reguetón ponemo y nos vamo a donde nos podamos querer

    ... which translates to...

    We play a reggaeton and then we go to where we can love each other

    can be found in the lyrics of PROVENZA by KAROL G

  • La que baila reguetón

    ... which translates to...

    The one that dances regueton

    can be found in the lyrics of Tacones Rojos by Sebastian Yatra